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CV-3000 series

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This product has been discontinued.

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Simple and Reliable Operations

KEYENCE Continues to Provide the Industry's Most Intuitive User Interface for Machine Vision Programming.

New Vision Flow Menu for Intuitive Operation [Best in its class]

KEYENCE has further improved its vision flow menu to insure a user-friendly setup. This intuitive menu flows from top to bottom, guiding users through the simple setup procedures.

New Vision Flow Menu for Intuitive Operation

Custom menu [NEW]

Custom menu

The custom menu allows you to display only necessary menu items. For example, the normal menu view can be reduced to only display settings for colour extraction and limit setup. This will help to simplify programming and prevent unauthorised system tampering.

Simulataneous Shift Function [NEW]

Simulataneous Shift Function

This enables you to collectively move several inspection windows. Even if you must change the location of a window because the location of the target has changed, you do not have to move each inspection window individually. This greatly reduces adjustment time.

SVGA Monitor Output

KEYENCE has adopted a high-resolution SVGA (800 x 600 dots) monitor output for superior image quality. This function enables you to quickly monitor the operational status of the inspection at an extensive level. Multiple inspection images can be monitored simultaneously, eliminating the need to switch the screens on the remote console.

SVGA Monitor Output

Selectable Screen Display Formats [NEW]

Choose from nine available screen display formats to match your application needs. Display cameras and display contents can be chosen per screen, making it possible to view current images on the main screen while viewing past NG images and registered images on subscreens.

Selectable Screen Display Formats

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