Intuitive Vision System CV-X series

Making Advanced Inspections Available to Everyone with Just a Few Clicks through Interactive Menus

CV-X series - Intuitive Vision System

High Performance, Icon-driven system with easy-to-use tools for simple setup by any user.

Pattern Projection Lighting Enables Simultaneous 2D and 3D Inspection

Enabling unprecedented stable detection through a fusion of lighting, camera, and controller.

  • Simultaneous 2D + 3D inspection
  • Simple menu-driven settings
  • Compatible with large targets

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Intuitive, icon-driven vision system allows anyone to setup reliable product inspections.

Intuitive, Icon-Driven Vision System Allows Anyone to Setup Reliable Product Inspections

The CV-X Series makes product inspections available to everyone with just a few clicks through Intuitive, interactive menus.

A full lineup of the industry’s fastest cameras providing solutions to the most challenging inspections in manufacturing.

A Full Lineup of the Industry’s Fastest Cameras Providing Solutions to the Most Challenging Inspections in Manufacturing

LumiTrax™ cameras and profile lasers for 3D inspection, and area cameras up to 21 megapixel for the highest resolution requirements can be connected to the industry's most powerful 14 core processors.

Vision System Lighting and Programming Made Easy.

Vision System Lighting and Programming Made Easy

With NEW LumiTrax™ Tuning, anyone can create 3D inspections by simply selecting the best image of your part from a displayed list of choices.

The global standard for robot vision

The global standard for robot vision

The CV-X Series can be used to combine image processing with robots. It has our No. 1 track record for implementing picking and inspections. What's more, the auto-calibration function can be used to easily match coordinates.