Vision Sensor

IV series

Electronic Industry

Unbeatable Performance in Automation and Sensing Applications.

Presence detection and direction detection for electrical components

Detects the direction of the IC in carrier tape

Using the position adjustment tool, stable detection can be achieved even when work has moved in the carrier tape. High speed adjustment enables detection without slowing down the processing time of the unit.

PC board mounting check

Checks the presence of mounting parts on the PCB

Many parts can be checked as up to 16 tools can be arranged. Furthermore, up to 32 programs can be set, supporting multiple product lines.

Overlapping electronic component detection

Detects overlapping (resistance) electronic components

Colour variation and unevenness can be detected with a colour camera. Both presence and overlap can be detected as area detection can be set with upper and lower thresholds.

Capacitor print presence

Detects print presence on a capacitor

Fine characters, which are conventionally difficult to stably detect with a dot scanning sensor can be detected stably using the scanning area.

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