Vision Sensor

IV series

Transport Industry

Unbeatable Performance in Automation and Sensing Applications.

Detection of part orientation

The direction of parts is detected to prevent incorrect assembly in later processes

As shape inspection is able to search for patterns within the entire screen, stable detection is possible even if a minor misalignment has occurred during conveyance.

Thread detection

Detects whether a processed metal part contains threads

The polarisation filter and HS-HDR function enable stable detection, even for metal work with nonuniform reflection.

Grease application check

Checks the presence of grease on metallic parts

Stable detection can be achieved by reducing glare, which tends to occur frequently in grease detection, using the HS-HDR.

Correct part confirmation

Detects the presence and type of parts on a tray

As up to 16 tools can be arranged, settings can be programmed for each pocket to enable stable detection.

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