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High-speed, High-precision, Wide-area Static Elimination Blower

SJ-F2000/5000 series


Highest static elimination speed in its class

Through the combination of the well-proven pulse AC method and I.C.C., the SJ-F2000/F5000 Series has achieved the best ion generation per electrode in its class.
A high-power fan and a louver structure have been incorporated to provide a wide static elimination area with the fastest speed in its class.

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Low maintenance

KEYENCE's original I.C.C. has been incorporated to reduce the degradation of static elimination speed resulting from worn or dirty probes and to achieve three times longer operation with low maintenance compared to conventional models.

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Static elimination in an LCD module manufacturing process

Two types are selectable: 300 mm and 600 mm. This enables effective static elimination according to the static elimination area.

Static elimination of chips on trays

The I.C.C. ensures accurate ion balance control to allow wide static elimination that covers an entire tray.

Static elimination in a cellular manufacturing process

The blower can be installed in a tight space and eliminate static electricity over a large area.


  • SJ-E series - Ultra High Speed Sensing Ioniser Hybrid Type

    Eliminate static electricity for a target area of up to 3000 mm at an installation distance of 300 to 1500 mm. The energy-saving design reduces running costs by 60%. The SJ-E Series is KEYENCE’s flagship static eliminator.

  • SJ-H series - Sheath-Sensing Ioniser

    Eliminate static electricity on a target area of up to 3000 mm at an installation distance of 300 to 1500 mm. The SJ-H Series provides high-speed static electricity elimination and is capable of eliminating static throughout the entire installation area.

  • SJ-LF series - Compact Fan Static Eliminator

    Small, easy-to-mount static eliminator that features visible feedback indicating whether a target has a static charge or not. The target area will light orange when static is present and green when absent. Easy installation and low-cost make this an ideal solution for troublesome areas.

  • SJ-M series - High-Performance Micro Static Eliminator

    Eliminate static electricity for a target area of 200 mm at an installation distance of up to 200 mm. The SJ-M Series boasts an ultra-compact ⌀10 mm static electricity elimination head suitable for installations within equipment or in narrow spaces.

  • SK series - Electrostatic Sensor

    The SK Series makes it easy to instantly check static electricity levels on products and areas throughout a production environment. Use the SK Series to also confirm whether static eliminators are effective and to check humidity and temperature levels.

Static Eliminators / Ionisers