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Communication (BT exclusive OS type) FAQ

The ping command does not reach the PC from the terminal by wireless communication. How should I isolate the cause?

Generally, the cause is isolated by the following procedure:

  1. Check to see if the terminal's antenna icon is displayed.
    x mark displayed .... Error in wireless settings Check SSID, WEP and other settings again.
    Antenna icon displayed ... Wireless settings OK →Go to (2)
  2. Enter and issue the ping command to the access point.
    ping command does not reach access point ... Problem on network between PC and access point
    ping command reaches access point ... A probable cause is that the terminal is connected to the access point of a different segment by the same SSID.
    Check to see if there is an access point with the same SSID nearby.
The ping command does not reach the terminal from the PC by wireless communication. How should I isolate the cause?

A possible cause is that the wireless connection is not in an open state. Set the wireless connection to a waiting state in the system menu, and check again.
If there is no problem, isolate the cause by the same procedure in the previous question.

Wireless communication is not possible on only a specific Handy Terminal. What are the possible causes?

A probable cause is that the "MAC address filtering" is set to the access point or that unique IP addresses are not set.
Pay particular attention to Handy Terminals that have been newly added on or replaced for repair.

Tell me some examples where wireless electromagnetic interference is caused.

Below are some examples of electromagnetic interference:

  1. Near specific machinery -> Noise is generated from machinery
  2. Locations with lots of metal surfaces -> Noise is generated by a multipath delay
  3. Near a cordless phone -> Radio frequency interference

Be sure to perform a site survey before installing a wireless Handy Terminal.

The Handy Terminal cannot communicate successfully with the data transfer software. What are the possible causes?

Check the following:

  1. Check the data transfer software settings (connection destination list/receive folder) again. Be sure to press the "Save" button after changing settings.
  2. In Device Manager, check to see if the USB driver has been installed correctly. If it has not been installed, the port indication is prefixed with the "!" mark.
  3. Security software or a firewall might be affecting communication. Try again after turning the security software or firewall off.
  4. User account control (UAC) is mounted on Windows Vista and later OS's. Try again after invalidating this.
  5. Try logging in with Administrator privileges.