Smart Sensors

Artificial intelligence specializing in go vs no go detection allows for automatic setup and stable performance. The wide lineup of all-in-one smart cameras and ultra-compact camera sensors allows this sensor to be used anywhere.

The Scale Shot System in the GT2 Series improves upon the technology of conventional contact sensors and is now concentrated into a pencil-type sensor head.

Achieve unmatched stability by utilising an intuitive artificial intelligence algorithm. No vision programming knowledge required for stable results.

Introducing a new high-performance head for the IL Series Stable performance for the most demanding detection.

The intelligent I-Series consists of a high-accuracy sensor lineup that offers high cost-performance with the most advanced functions for on-site operations.

New high-temperature and ultra long-range models have been added to the lineup of FT Series Digital Infrared Temperature Sensors.

Introducing the FW Series, a tough, super multi-reflective sensor unaffected by a target's material, color, or luster.

Achieving great wire-saving with the NEW Open Field.