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Easy-to-use utilities applying "Professional knowledge" from on-site experiences

There are full of useful utilities in the various situations, such as "I want to develop the inspection environment into the neighbour line as well." "I'm going to make adjustments due to often-occurred false detection for some reason.", and "I want to manage the inspection process."

Adjustment Navigation

Adjustment Navigation

Navigation that "always guarantees a consistent image capture environment without relying on location" "Camera Installation Replication"


The production line has been extended, so I would like to expand the inspection environment without making changes. The setting data is copiable. If I could have replicated just the same camera installation, I wouldn't have to readjust or start the settings over.

[ Camera Installation Navigation ] The camera installations in the neighbouring successful line are replicated

The current image can be matched with the same capture conditions as those of the reference image. This is usable to: 1. Match an image for a line to deploy with the reference image for a successful line. 2. Make a comparison with the reference image at the point in time when the settings were created to check "if the conditions are always the same"

Position Adjustment Tool/ Brightness Adjustment Tool/ Focus Tool

Implement adjustment; for anyone, without questions, with certainty "Adjustment Navigation"

[ Conventional ]I have no idea where I should start adjustment

• I can't figure out which tool I should adjust…
• A position adjustment failure may be the cause of the false judgement.
• I'm at a loss as to which image I should adopt for correcting the tool setting...

[ Adjustment Navigation ]Navigation for accurate and optimal adjustment

Navigating adjustment procedures when non-defective workpieces have been mis-detected

Useful Maintenance Functions

Useful Maintenance Functions

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