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Positioning Solutions: ShapeTrax II [ FASTEST IN THE INDUSTRY ]

Ultra-high Speed Search, Even Under Poor Conditions

ShapeTrax, our popular feature-searching tool based on shape information extracted from the object's profile, just got better. ShapeTrax II features improved robustness for searching under poor conditions, and faster processing speed. ShapeTrax II provides reliable search performance even if the part has flaws, partially hidden parts, inverted tones, low contrast, or appears in different sizes. It can even do high-speed searches of alignment marks with degraded appearance. ShapeTrax II has the highest accuracy in its class at 0.025 pixels.

ShapeTrax II(TM)- Inspection example: Alignment marks on FPD substrates

Detect targets with high precision and speed under poor conditions

Processing speed comparison

Processing speed comparison

The algorithm improvements achieve processing speeds 10 times faster than the existing search tool. Even large 5-million pixel images can be processed without increasing processing speed.

Flexible search for reducing false rejects

Flexible search for reducing false rejects

With conventional search processing, individual shape variation can render good parts as false rejects. The new search method offers reliable search performance even if the part appears in different sizes or shapes by allowing registration of up to 256 good part images. Defects are reliably isolated, reducing false rejects.
You can select items from image data saved in the unacceptable item history (maximum of 1,023 images) and register them as acceptable items. This makes it easy to improve yields effectively, without any need to organise a computer or make other troublesome preparations.

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