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          Lenses (for Machine Vision)

          CA-L series

          • Super Small Camera Dedicated Lens

          Super Small Camera Dedicated Lens

          CA-LS/CA-LHS Series

          CA-LHS Series (CV-S200C/M XG-S200C/M dedicated lens)

          CA-LS Series (CV-S035C/M XG-S035C/M dedicated lens)

          Super Small Camera Dedicated Lens

          2 megapixel Colour type

          2 megapixel Monochrome Type

          310000 pixel Colour type

          310000 pixel Monochrome Type

          Size comparison

          (CV-S035C/M vs CV-035C/M)
          12 x 12 mm body size (1/10 the size when compared to conventional model)

          • Super Small Camera Dedicated Lens

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