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CA-DRWxX Series

Light features and settings

Construction and imaging examples

The inside of the ring light is divided into eight segments. Depending on the settings of the LumiTrax™ function, the eight segments of the ring can be lit individually or the ring can be set to four segments that are lit individually. When the LumiTrax™ function is not in use, these lights can be used as high-intensity lights in which all the segments lit.

Imaging examples using the LumiTrax™ function

Chip inspection on a metal surface

Factors such as remaining cleaning agent, dirt, and hairline fractures are cancelled so that only deep defects such as scratches and chips are detected.

Chip inspection on a printed surface

Images in which only the chips are extracted are created without being affected by the complex printed background

Printed character inspection on a film surface

Glare, which affects inspections negatively, is eliminated to enable stable inspections.

Also functions with conventional area scan cameras

High-intensity lighting

These lights can be used as lights that have approximately three times the intensity of conventional lights. This enables imaging with a shutter speed of 1/4000 and a macro lens with an optical magnification of 1x.

With conventional lights, the brightness is insufficient, which makes it impossible to perform inspections.

Sufficient brightness is provided by the CA-DRW5X.

Making use of the brightness to deepen the depth of field

Image the depth-of-field measurement target with a shutter speed of 1/240 and a macro lens with an optical magnification of x0.5.

With conventional lights, even if the aperture is reduced, the best depth of field that can be obtained is approximately 2.5 mm.

With the CA-DRW5X, the aperture can be reduced sufficiently, which makes it possible to obtain a depth of field up to approximately 7 mm.


Dedicated power supply


LumiTrax™ lights can only be used with the CA-DC30E dedicated power supply. They cannot be used to perform continuous lighting. They can only be used to perform strobe lighting.

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