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          Vision SensorIV series

          Sensor Amplifier for IV-HG, Main unit



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          Main unit



          Shape Detection, Area*1, Colour Area*2, Edge Pixels, Width/Height, Diameter, Edge Presence, Pitch, Position Adjustment, High Speed Position Adjustment (1-Axis/2-Axis Adjustment), OCR*3


          Detection tools: 16 tools, position adjustment tool: 1 tool*4

          Switch settings (programs)

          32 programmes

          Image history


          When using a colour type head: 100 images*5, when using a monochrome type head: 300 images*6*7


          NG only/All is selectable*7

          Analysis information

          OFF/Statistics/Histograms/Matching rate list is switchable
          Statistics: Processing time (latest value, MAX, MIN, AVE), number of OKs, number of NGs, trigger numbers, trigger errors, judgement results list by tools
          Histograms: Histogram, matching degree (latest value, MAX, MIN, AVE), numbers of OKs, numbers of NGs
          Matching rate list: Judgment results list by tools, matching rate list by tools, judgment bar list by tools*8

          Other functions

          HDR, HighGain, Colour filters*2, Digital zoom (2x, 4x)*9, Brightness correction, Tilt correction, White balance*2, Mask function, Colour histogram, Test run, ToolAutoTune, Input monitor, Output test, Security settings, Simulator, Mutual interference prevention, Direct connection (2 units or more), Sensor date/time information addition, Scaling function, Failing sensor list, Failure hold





          Non-voltage input/voltage input is switchable
          For non-voltage input: ON voltage 2 V or lower, OFF current 0.1 mA or lower, ON current 2 mA (short circuit)
          For voltage input: Maximum input rating 26.4 V, ON voltage 18 V or higher, OFF current 0.2 mA or lower, ON current 2 mA (for 24 V)


          6 inputs (IN1 to IN6)


          IN1: External trigger, IN2 to IN6: Enable by assigning the optional functions
          Assignable functions: Programme switching, Clear error, External master image registration,
          Main unit/expansion unit simultaneous input



          Open collector output NPN/PNP is switchable, N.O./N.C. is switchable
          For open collector NPN output: Maximum rating 26.4 V 50 mA (20 mA when linked to an expansion unit [IV-HG15]), remaining voltage 1.5 V or lower
          For open collector PNP output: Maximum rating 26.4 V 50 mA (20 mA when linked to an expansion unit [IV-HG15]), remaining voltage 2 V or lower


          8 outputs (OUT1 to OUT8)


          Enable by assigning the optional functions
          Assignable functions: Total judgement result, RUN, BUSY, Error, Position adjustment result, Judgement result of each tool,
          Result of the logical operation of each tool, Main unit/expansion unit logical output





          RJ-45 8pin connector*10

          Network function

          FTP client, EtherNet/IPTM, PROFINET


          Power voltage

          24 VDC ±10 % (including ripple)

          Current consumption

          0.8 A or less. 1.5 A or less when also using an expansion unit (IV-HG15). (The output load is excluded.)

          Environmental resistance

          Ambient temperature

          0 to +50 °C (No freezing)*11

          Relative humidity

          35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)


          Main unit case: Polycarbonate


          Approx. 150 g

          *1 Monochrome type only
          *2 Colour type only
          *3 Supported with Ver. R5.00.00 or later.
          *4 Tools can be installed by programmes.
          *5 When using the FTP client function: 70 pictures
          *6 When using the FTP client function: 210 pictures
          *7 Saves to the sensor amplifier's internal memory. The images saved to the sensor amplifier can be backed up to the USB memory device inserted into the intelligent monitor (IV-M30) or to the PC by the software for the IV-H/IV-HG Series (IV-H1).
          *8 This can be displayed on the intelligent monitor (IV-M30) or by software for the IV-H/IV-HG Series (IV-H1).
          *9 Possible with both the colour type and monochrome type
          *10 This is for connection with the intelligent monitor (IV-M30) or software for the IV-H/IV-HG Series (IV-H1).
          *11 When attaching the sensor amplifier to a DIN rail, attach the sensor amplifier to a metal plate.

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