CCD Barcode Reader

BL-180 series

High-speed of 500 scans per second

Space-saving Design with Built-in Decoder

High-speed scanning of 500 scans per second

BL-180 Series CCD Barcode Readers boast a speed of 500 scans per second, which is among the fastest in its class. Despite their small size, all BL-180 models have built-in decoders.

Reads bars as narrow as 0.125 mm*

The high-resolution of BL-180 Series can read bars as narrow as 0.125 mm.

Choose from 7 different barcode symbologies

Using the intuitive Windows TM setup software, the BL-180 Series can be set to decode the following code types: CODE39, ITF, Industrial 2-of-5, COOP 2-of-5, Codabar, CODE 128, EAN/UPC (-A and -E).

Front-view and side-view types are available

For easier configuration, select the type that suits your mounting and production line requirements.

Convenient 3-colour STABILITY LED

[On mounting]

When using the STABILITY LED (green, orange and red) to display the reading rate of the barcode reader, the optimal reading position can be determined.

When using the STABILITY LED to display the reading frequency, the production-line speed can be controlled easily.

[During operation]

The STABILITY LED can be set to continuously display the reading frequency. The real-time display of the reading performance can be checked at a glance.

Display of the reading frequency greatly simplifies control of production-line speed.

Simply connect the barcode reader to a computer to view the performance rate (% of maximum) and barcode reading frequency (scans per second).

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