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Digital RGB Sensors

CZ-V20 series

CZ-V20 Series RGB Sensor Applications

Unbeatable Performance in Automation and Sensing Applications.

Detecting Presence/Absence of Sealing Tape

Detecting presence/absence of sealing tape

Detects presence/absence of sealing tape. It stably detects patterned transparent sticker without being affected by background colours or patterns.

Detecting Presence/Absence of Transparent Film

Detecting Presence/Absence of Transparent Film

Detects presence/absence of transparent film. It can stably detect targets without being affected by vibration.

Detecting Defect of Shrink Packaging

Detecting Defect of Shrink Packaging

Detects shrink film wrapping defects. FILM mode reduces dual refraction from films to stably detect targets.

Detecting Presence/Absence of Plating at Contact Points

Detecting presence/absence of plating at contact points

Detects presence/absence of plating electrodes. With selectable large/small beam spots, it can stably detect small targets.

Detecting Presence/Absence of Plating

Detecting presence/absence of plating

Detects presence/absence of plating. It digitally indicates lustre level. Sensitivity setting or fine adjustment are easily performed with simple push buttons.

Detecting Presence/Absence of Adhesive Agent on a Sealer

Detecting Presence/Absence of Adhesive Agent on a Sealer

Detects presence/absence of adhesive (low temperature). The sensor head is half the size of conventional models, enabling more flexible mounting.

Detecting Presence/Absence of Flat Paint on Plastics

Detecting presence/absence of flat paint on plastics

Detects different types of moulded articles by checking presence/absence of flat paint. It can recognise up to 4 different types of targets without tooling changes.

Detecting Presence/Absence of Hot-melt Coating/Adhesive Agent

Detecting Presence/Absence of Hot-melt Coating/Adhesive Agent

Detects presence/absence of hot-melt coating. It stably detects targets without being affected by the targets' colours or patterns.

Detecting marks on multiple coloured printed bags

marks on coloured bags

The lustre-cancel type stably detects marks on bags even when the background of the mark vibrates or has lustre. The small beam spot ensures reliable detection of even small marks.

Differentiation front and back side of IC chips

detection through transparent film

The lustre-cancel type, which cancels the influence of specular reflection, stably differentiates between the front and back sides of chips even through a transparent film.

Detecting labels on white containers

White label detection

The fluorescent component contained in a label is detected to check for the presence/absence of the label. Since the detection uses the fluorescent components, it can stably detect even white labels on white containers.

Detection of presence/absence of instruction sheets (package insert)

Package insert check

The CZ-H52 detects the fluorescent component contained in paper to check whether the instruction sheet (package insert) is properly inserted into each medicine package.

Detection of presence/absence of invisible print

Invisible print detection

The CZ-H52 detects the presence or absence of the print in invisible ink which contains a fluorescent component. The fluorescence detection UV sensor can stably detect print which cannot be detected with reflective type photoelectric sensors.

Checking grease application on ball bearings

Grease applications

The grease application is checked by detecting the presence/absence of the fluorescent component contained in it. Even glossy metal targets can be stably detected by ignoring the influence of specular reflection.

Checking parts assembly

Stable detection of dark objects

The enhanced detection ability ensures stable detection of dark-coloured targets.

Detecting the presence/absence of O-rings

Accurate detection of variable shaped targets

The optimum beam spot can be selected according to the target. Detection by colour recognition is stable even for targets with variable shapes.

Detecting the presence/absence of grease

Presence or absence of grease

By canceling the influence of surface lustre and target position, the CZ-V20 reliably detects grease, despite its non-uniform shape and position.

Detecting a mark on a tube

Stable detection of small marks

Selecting the small beam spot allows stable detection of small marks even from a long distance.

Detecting improperly positioned labels

Label position detection

Detection is stable because the colour recognition is not affected by the change in bottle colours. The interference prevention function assures successful detection when two sensor heads are mounted in close proximity.

Detecting the seam on a spray can

Accurately detects seam on painted cans

Even when patterns are printed on spray cans, the sensor detects only the seam.

Detecting caps of different colours

Stable detection of subtle colour variations

The CZ-V20 Series stably detects subtle colour differences that are difficult to detect with conventional sensors. Since detection is based on RGB components, it is less affected by target position or vibration.

Detecting "defective" marks on PC boards

Stable detection of PC defective marks

Detection is stable even for dark-coloured targets. The dual digital display allows easy sensitivity adjustment in fine increments.

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