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FS series

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This model has been discontinued.

Recommended Replaceable Products: Multi-Purpose Digital Laser Sensor - LV-N series

Amplifier Unit FS-L70

FS-L70 - Amplifier Unit




Product name

Cable length

Allowable bending radius

Sensitivity adjustment

8-turn trimmer

Detecting distance (standard detection object)

Spot diameter

Minimum detectable object

Response time

250 µs


Operation mode

LIGHT-ON/DARK-ON (switch-selectable)

Indicator lamp

Output: red LED, stable operation and laser light generation: green LED

Timer function

On delay, off delay, timer off (switchable by way of a switch; trimmer variable between 40 ms and 5 s)

External tuning input signal


Control output

NPN open-collector 100 mA max. (24 VDC max.), Residual voltage: 1 V max.

Stability output

Protection circuit

Reversed polarity protection, Overcurrent protection, Surge absorber

Laser emission stop input

No-voltage input, light generation is stopped during input


Power voltage

12 to 24 VDC ±10 %, Ripple (P-P) 10 % or less

Current consumption

50 mA or less

Environmental resistance

Ambient light

Incandescent lamp: 10,000 lux max., Sunlight: 20,000 lux max.

Ambient temperature

0 to +40 °C

Relative humidity

35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)

Vibration resistance

10 to 55 Hz, Double amplitude 1.5 mm, 2 hours in each of the X, Y, and Z directions

Shock resistance

500 m/s2, 3 times in each of the X, Y, and Z directions




Approx. 130 g

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