Revolutionary Speed and Stability

What is a laser measuring device that is truly useful inline?

64,000 profiles/sec. sampling 12,800,000 points/sec./ Overwhelming workpiece response capabilities and detection stability

Advanced technology that has achieved ultra-high-speed and high-stability

[Newly developed/world’s greatest]
HSE3*-CMOS - Can perform stable measurement of any target even at ultra-high-speeds


The LJ-V7000 Series is equipped with the newly developed HSE3-CMOS. In addition to improved speed, the dynamic range has been further powered up over the established and conventional E3-CMOS. Even with the extremely short exposure time of 64 kHz (15.6 µs) it has achieved sensitivity that allows it to reliably measure a range of surfaces from black (small amount of reflection) surfaces to those with lustre (large amount of reflection) as well a wide dynamic range.
HS=High Speed E3 =Enhanced Eye Emulation

[Newly developed]
GP64-Processor - Achieves 64 kHz ultra-high-speed measurement

We have newly developed a custom IC that can perform ultra-high-speed pipeline processing that in addition to reading CMOS image capture data and performing high-resolution subpixel processing, also performs highprecision linearisation and data output. This allows for the measurement of objects moving at high-speeds with room to spare.


Conventional models Could not measure targets moving at 6.4 m/s with a 24.3 mm pitch
240x the speed of conventional devices
LJ-V Can measure profiles for targets moving at 6.4 m/s with a 0.1 mm pitch.

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