Programmable Logic Controller KV-8000 series

Machine Operation Recorder Function

Identify the cause of problems and ensure quick recovery

KV-8000 series - Programmable Logic Controller

PLC with built-in operation recorder function.

UPDATE | KV-8000 with Built-In OPC UA Server Function

  • Connectable to various devices and upper level systems via an international standard
  • Advanced security ensures safe data communication
  • Easily configurable with no intermediate PC required

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Reduce downtime through recording, playback, and analysis. Recording of all devices

Quick recovery with the ability to know the cause of problems and to perform fundamental countermeasures.

Positioning/motion control system KV-X MOTION

From positioning with limited axes to multiple-axis synchronisation control, customer requests are varied. The KV-X MOTION is designed to be a system capable of meeting a wide range of requirements.

Fully ladder-less networking KV-X COM

Connect seamlessly to FA devices and PLCs.

Programless PLC networking Support of 4 Major Networks.

The ONE PLC bringing a whole new concept of speed & storage

Introducing a new world of applications triggered by outstanding response.