CV Software

CV-X200/X100 Software

CV-X200/X100 Software

Simulation Software - CV-H1X
(Ver 3.4.0002)

Exe File - - Simulation Software - CV-H1X (Ver 3.4.0002)

PDF File - - CV-X200/X100 Series Simulation-Software User's Manual

PDF File - - Ver.3.4.0002 Release Note

Terminal Software - CV-H1X
(Ver 3.2.0000)

Exe File - - Terminal Software - CV-H1X (Ver 3.2.0000)

PDF File - - CV-X200/X100 Series Terminal-Software User's Manual

PDF File - - Ver.3.2.0000 Release Note

ROM File

ROM File (for CV-X200) - - Rom (Ver.3.4.0012)
(only for Purchasers)

ROM File (for CV-X100) - - Rom (Ver.3.4.0012)
(only for Purchasers)

PDF File - - Firmware Upgrade Guide
(only for Purchasers)

PDF File - - Ver.3.4.0012 Release Note
(only for Purchasers)

CV-5000 Software

CV-5000 Communication Software with Simulator Function

Communication Software with Simulator Function - CV-H5N

CV-H5N Communication Software with Simulator for Use with CV-5001 Series Controller.

Zip File - - Communication Software [132 MB]

PDF File - - CV-H5N User's Manual [74.7 MB]

ROM File - - Rom (Ver.2.28) [29.0 MB]

CV-3000 Software

CV-3000 Series Network Communication Software

CV-3000 Series Network Communication Software

Data Acquisition and CV Simulator software. CV-3000 programs can be transferred to a PC and then modified for optimal performance. Operational data such as inspection measurements and images can be collected, displayed, and saved on a PC as well.

Supported OS Information:
Windows XP Professional/Home Edition (US/German/Chinese edition)
(For USB Connection, Windows Xp with SP2 or higher is required.)

Windows 2000 Professional with SP4 or higher (US/German edition)
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition not supported

Communication Software with Simulator Function- CV-H3N (Ver 2.22a)

Zip File [43.1 MB]
Can be used for ALL CV-3000 series controllers*

Communication Software with Simulator Function- CV-H3N (Ver 2.10a)

Zip File [42.2 MB]
Use this version if all of your current CV-3000 controllers have been purchased before March 17, 2007.

*If you are unsure of the date of purchase, simply download v2.22a and refer to page 8 & 9 of the CV-3001 Series User Manual for special instructions. Both CVH3N versions cannot be installed on the same PC .

Virtual CV Operations Using a Sample Virtual CV

PDF File [493 KB, 5 Pages]
Learn how to create a Virtual CV interface

Accessing Programs and Images Saved on a Memory Card

PDF File [639 KB, 7 Pages]
Using the Simulator with program files saved on a memory card. Using the Simulator to verify image data saved on a memory card.

Communicating with a CV-3001 Series Controller

PDF File [634 KB, 8 Pages]
Loading and saving program files and images from a CV-3001 series controller.