KV Nano Series Sample Program

This page allows users to download the sample programs for use with the KV Nano Series.

Positioning Function

Positioning (Motor Control) Function

JOG, origin return, point operation, continuous point operation, high speed startup positioning, mid-operation speed and coordinate alteration, positioning control mode for over 20 points, linear interpolation macro, etc.

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Built-in Functions

Pulse Acquisition

Acquire quick ON pulses, convert to longer ON pulses and output.


After comparator reaches a certain value, output relay is switched to ON.


Change the status of output relay according to counter's latest value.

Pulse Width Modulation

Output after alteration of clock pulse ON/OFF ratio.

Stop Clock Pulse

After reaching specified clock pulse number, stop clock pulse.

Cam Switch

Compare manual pulse generator's detected pulse with angle set value, press the angle control relay's ON/OFF switch.

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Serial Communication Functions

KV Mode (Receiving and Sending of Text)

Sending and receiving of text data.


In common mode, sending and receiving of data.

ModbusRTU Master

Read two-character sequence of data from Modbus-compatible device.

Serial PLC Link

Set sub-station number by means of ladder diagram.

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Calculation Examples

Four Arithmetic Operations

Calculate target number for each minute (target production quantity - current production quantity)/(estimated finish time - current time) = production quantity/minutes.

Double Precision Floating-point Operations

Calculation of defective product rate, convert defective product rate (quantity of defective products/total quantity produced) to ppm (1/1000000).

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Other Convenient Functions

Read Protection Function

Read protection settings, and hyperlink functions.

Backup Modules

Starting and stopping backup modules.

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