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XG-8000 series

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Adjust For Variations of Received Light Intensity in The Camera

Waveform viewer

Uneven brightness is typical when performing wide range image capture with line scan cameras.
The built-in waveform viewer on the XG-8000 displays the intensity shading information of the image captured by the camera.

Before correction,After correction

The shading correction function of the XG can be used to adjust for an uneven lighting condition across the field of view. The shade correction is performed in the camera before the image transfer so it does not have an effect on the processing time which is very important with high speed production lines.

Target classification function

A utility that classifies detected targets based on defined features and then shows a mapping display and thumbnail images of the targets.

Desired targets or unwanted flaws can be detected using the variety of inspection tools that are available on the XG Series. The detected targets can then be automatically classified and sorted based off user-defined conditions. The thumbnail image of each defect can be displayed and output to an SD card or a FTP drive. The mapping display allows the confirmation of detected target positions even if the work piece is a curved shape or large sheet.

  • Software

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