Asia Pacific

Stable hardware with the freedom to program with or without a PC.

Stable, reliable performance

KEYENCE has continued to place an importance on stand-alone type image processing systems with incredible reliability. The hardware of KEYENCE vision systems regularly offer high-performance even under harsh environments. The final product is an extremely stable machine vision system that can be used with peace of mind.

Tough hardware that can endure continuous operation

Mechanical components such as HDDs and cooling fans have been eliminated to minimise internal failures.

Quick restoration

Each key component of the system can be easily replaced. Even the programs are stored on an SD card, so in the event of a controller breakdown the SD card and program can be swapped out to a new controller in minutes.

Plug and play compatibility

All components including peripherals for the XG Series offer full compatibility at the highest performance.

Parallel processing offers higher performance

The 3+1 and multi-core processor performs simultaneous parallel processing of image processing, display, and communication.

Highly reliable fan-less/HDD-less design

Fans and conventional HDD’s have moving components that will eventually wear out. By not having moving components, long-term continuous reliable operation is possible. The XG Series has sophisticated heat dissipation technology allowing for a fan-less design even while putting heavy loads on processors running at ultra high speeds. In addition, this design is particle emission-free and therefore suitable for use in clean-room environments.