Asia Pacific

[Best in its class] Reading Capability

Enables Stable Reading

A newly developed algorithm automatically selects the optimal settings from as many as 250000 correction patterns.

A New Algorithm Developed for Capture & Process

Our original corrective capture and process techniques provide the best-in-its-class reading capability even for difficult-to-read codes.

Captures Codes Clearly

Examples of codes to be highly affected

Correction through Filters

Automatically selects the best filter and filtering intensity for the captured image to correct it.

Processes Captured Codes

Our local concentration black/white classification algorithm divides a code into smaller pieces to perform binary processing using thresholds specified for each part. This enables accurate black/white classification without being affected by uneven print density. * The above illustration is only for reference and does not mean that a code is always divided into 16 parts.

Local Concentration Black/White Classification Algorithm

A newly developed processing method ensures accurate black/white reproduction even for irregular codes.