High-speed Static Elimination Blower

SJ-F020 series

[Discontinued product]

This product has been discontinued.

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High-speed static elimination blower

Free angle construction

High-precision ±10 V ion balance

The SJ-F uses a pulse DC static elimination method in accordance with the blower's characteristics. The synergy obtained by combining KEYENCE's proprietary sensing mechanism with the I.C.C. method allows this device to deliver the best static elimination capacity in its class.

Free angle construction

Free angle construction

Loosen the vertical angle and horizontal angle locking knobs and you'll be able to manipulate the blower's orientation as indicated below. This feature makes the SJ-F perfect for use in workbench environments.

Air volume adjustment knob

Air volume adjustment knob

You can adjust the volume of air generated by the blower based on the target object.

Safe design

The front cover includes an interlock feature so that the high-voltage power supply is immediately cut off during maintenance or when the cover unexpectedly comes off.

Two-way power supply (SJ-F)

You can select between an AC adapter and a DC 24 V power supply.



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