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Additional features that respond to user requests for “a little bit” more functionality.

“I want to perform adjustments that are a little bit more detailed from a remote location.”

[Newly developed] The highly functional remote control makes the status of the ioniser visible.

We have recently developed a highly functional remote control that enables bidirectional communication with our ionisers. This remote control provides you with the static elimination status and alarm information in the palm of your hand. What's more, it enables you to easily configure operation settings such as detailed ioniser adjustments and electrostatic charge monitor sensitivity settings.

List of remote control features

List of remote control features

[1] Status monitor
[2] Static eliminator display monitor
[3] Adjust monitor
[4] Alarm monitor
[5] ID number selection button
[6] Setting start and end buttons
[7] Ion balance adjustment buttons
[8] Frequency setting buttons
[9] Warning level setting buttons

“I want to make static elimination a little bit faster.”

Optimised electrode positions enable static elimination over a wide range.

By positioning electrodes in the optimal positions, ions are generated in a wider area to the sides, which enables static elimination over a wide range. Also, the SJ-EL Series and SJ-EN Series use assist air on their sides, which enables these models to provide a wide range of static elimination that is twice that of conventional models.

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