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          Heavy-duty Photoelectric Sensors

          PX series

          7 Sensor Head Variations

          Visible Red M8 Thrubeam Standard/Guarded

          M8 Thrubeam Standard: PX-H71
          M8 Thrubream Guarded: PX-H71G

          The M8 sensor head ensures detection distance of 20 m
          Since the ultra high-intensity LED is clearly visible, alignment is easy even from a distance.

          More resistant to tension and shock
          A stainless steel jacket model is also available. The shock-resistant structure is not easily damaged if accidentally pulled or struck with a tool.

          M8 Thrubeam

          Infrared M12 Thrubeam Standard/Guarded

          M12 Thrubeam Standard: PX-H72
          M12 Thrubream Guarded: PX-H72G

          The M12 sensor head ensures detection distance of 40 m
          Unaffected by oil or dirt.

          More resistant to tension and shock
          For locations where cables are susceptible to being pulled or struck with tools, use the stainless-steel guarded PX-H72G

          M12 Thrubeam

          M8 Thrubeam Hex-Shaped

          M8 Thrubeam Hex-Shaped: PX-H71TZ

          Space Saving
          The TZ Series has a neat, space-saving design that arranges the cable at 90° to prevent entanglement.

          M8 Hex-Shaped

          Simple mounting

          Whether using a KEYENCE mounting bracket, or existing mounting hole, The Hex styled fibres allow the operator to use a single nut to install the fibre head.

          Simple single-point mounting

          M12 Reflective Standard/Guarded

          M12 Reflective Standard: PX-H61
          M12 Reflective Guarded: PX-H61G

          Visible red LED makes setup easy
          The high power LED makes detection possible from up to 2 m. The shield reduces diffraction resulting from liquid droplets to ensure stable target detection even under unstable conditions.

          More resistant to tension and shock
          Choose the guarded PX-H61G for areas where cables are susceptible to being pulled or struck with tools.

          M12 Reflective

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