Best Detection Ability in its Class

There are two detection methods with the LR-Z and these methods are why it's considered the do-it-all sensor. Additional features are also highlighted below to further explain how different this series is.

The LR-Z is unaffected by color, surface finish, or shape. This is possible with its CMOS Technology & the Light Power Control Function.

CMOS Laser and DATUM detection

The LR-Z Series provides uncompromised detection ability by automatically adjusting its sensitivity using the Light Power Control function. Built-in background and foreground suppression also aid in stable detection, regardless of color or angle.

[ CMOS image sensor + laser light source ]

[ 350,000 fold control function ]

On a bright workpiece [Reduced light emission]/ On a dark workpiece[Strong light emission]

Highly stable detection with Datum & I-Datum

Reference / With a workpiece

[ DATUM detection ]

This function detects all conditions except the “reference” state, which allows detection of any target, regardless of surface or shape variations, and even in cases when the laser light does not return to the sensor.

I-DATUM enables an even wider range of uses

This innovative feature expands the detection capabilities of the LR-/ZB250AP sensors beyond that of the normal DATUM mode. I-DATUM combines the stability of distance based detection with the sensitivity of received light intensity. By using a stable background as a reference surface, I-DATUM can be used to reliably detect transparent and translucent targets by recognising small changes in the received light quantities returned to the sensor.

The addition of received light intensity to the original DATUM mode has enabled the LR‑/ZB250AP to detect targets based on the light quantity returned to the sensor, when referencing a fixed background position. This means that targets can be detected even if the CMOS received light peak remains in the reference position when a part is present.

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