Safety Light Curtain

GL-R series

Step 1 / Select the Light Curtain Type

Use the following steps to select the optimum GL-R Series components for your application


Select the light curtain type


Select the light curtain length


Select the mounting bracket


Select the cables


Select the optional accessories*

*Optional accessories are not required for normal operation.

[ Step 1 ] Select the light curtain type

Select a model according to the distance to the equipment hazard.

Detection capability: ø14 mm

To step 2 GL-RF

[ Entry detection ] Beam axis pitch of ø10 mm.

Detection capability: ø25 mm

To step 2 GL-RH

[ Entry detection ] Beam axis pitch of ø20 mm.

Detection capability: ø45 mm

To step 2 GL-RL

[ Entry/presence detection ]Beam axis pitch of ø40 mm.

The required mounting distance from the hazard is determined by the response time and detection capability for the light curtain that has been selected. Though the (ø0.98") ø25 mm model is used most frequently, if the distance to the hazard is short, select the (ø0.55") ø14 mm model. If the distance to the hazard is long, you can use the (ø1.77") ø45 mm model.


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