No Dead Zone

Because the first beam is emitted 10 mm* from each end, the light curtain can be mounted flush inside of equipment, eliminating the need for additional guarding or outside mounting.
*Except GL-RL Series

Conventional Light Curtain

7-segment & centre indicators

7-segment display

Errors are displayed as numeric codes, which reduces the amount of time spent identifying and correcting the problem that was detected by the GL-R Series.

Centre indicator

These indicators highlight the operational status of the GL-R Series to the user. The indicators change colour to identify if the light curtain is clear, interrupted, or in a lockout condition.

Built-in functionality

[ 1 ] Mutual interference prevention

Mutual interference between 2 units can be prevented.

[ 2 ] Reduced resolution function*

This function expands the size of the detection capability. Up to 2 axes can be disabled.
*When the single zone mode is used

[ 3 ] Centre indicator function control

The centre indicators can be turned off to reduce current consumption.

Built-in series connection ability

*Except GL-RL Series.

The coverage of the GL-R Series can be easily expanded by connecting additional units in series. All models include this feature as standard.

QD connector

The GL-R Series can easily be connected to a general-purpose, M12 quick disconnect port or cable.

Corner mirror

Corner mirrors are available to allow 1 set of curtains to cover up to 4 sides of a machine and reduce the amount of wiring required.

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