Ultra-compact Digital Pressure Sensor

AP-C30 series

AP-C30W Series Pressure Sensor Applications

Unbeatable Performance in Automation and Sensing Applications.

suction check

Suction Check

[Point 1] Zero-shift Mode

Use Zero-shift to ensures Pressure Change is only Monitored During Suction

[Point 2] Dedicated Suction Check Mode to Ensure Stable Detection

Use the dedicated suction check mode to ensure stable detection

[F-1 mode] [A-1 mode]
Recommended model
(Mono-block type) AP-C30W/C31K
(Separate type) AP-41 (M)/44

Base pressure control

Base Pressure Control Electronics Industries

[Point 1] Upper and Lower "Window" Tolerances are easily set

[Point 2] Chatter Prevention

[F-3 mode]
Recommended model
(Mono-block type) AP-C33K
(Separate type) AP-43

leakage check

Leakage Test

[Point 1] Detects Both Fill and Leakage Pressure Together

[A-2 mode]
Recommended model
(Mono-block type) AP-C30W/C33K
(Separate type) AP-43/44

Seating check

Base Pressure Control

[Point 1] Zero-shift Function Cancels Base Pressure Fluctuation

[Point 2] Resolution: 10x

[F-1 mode]
Recommended model
(Mono-block type) AP-C30W/C33K
(Separate type) AP-43/44

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