Handheld Mobile Computer BT-W70 series

130 g - Ultra Lightweight Body
Slick Design of 2.4-inch LCD Display Barcode

Equipped with Windows® Embedded Compact 7

BT-W70 series - Handheld Mobile Computer

130 g - ultra lightweight body, Slick design of 2.4-inch LCD display



The compact and lightweight design ensure easy operation.

* When equipped with the BT-WB2.

Merely 130 g - signaficantly 30% reduction
in weight compared to conventional models

Miniaturisation and integration of main parts in addition to our metal-free design result in a 30% reduction in weight compared to conventional models.
Impressive and clear 2.4-inch LCD is installed in a compact body of 156 mm. Excellent visibility and grip ensure comfortable operation.

* When equipped with the BT-WB3.

Power conserving design makes 26 hours of extended use possible

Our control algorithms for power conservation to improve operation efficiency makes it possible to use it comfortably without compromising CPU speed.

Structure to withstands multiple drop from height up to 1.5 meters

The design of integrating multiple important parts and being floated can protect crucial component against external impact parts from external impacts.