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Universal Zoom Lens

Makes Differential Interference Contrast Observation Possible

VH-Z20UR/Z20UW: Universal Zoom Lens

Optimal lighting with the touch of a button

This newly-designed lens has the ability to perform bright/dark field and DIC observation, even at lower magnification ranges. A unique illumination system allows users to switch between three different types of lighting by simply pressing a button.


VH-Z100UR/W: Universal Zoom Lens

Differential interference contrast observation

In Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) observation, a DIC prism is inserted into the lens, splitting the light path in two. The light reflected from the target by these two beams is then recombined, enabling the optical path difference caused by irregularities on the surface of the target to be expressed as contrast. DIC makes it possible to view minute irregularities and transparent targets - objects that cannot be observed using conventional lenses - with good contrast.

VH-Z100UR/W: Universal Zoom Lens

Observe Sub-micron Height Changes

A special optical design (adopting the differential interference filter) allows for observation of minute height differences, which are generally impossible to see with conventional optical microscopes. This also allows for inspection over a wide area at low magnification.

Observe Sub-micron Height Changes

Height differences are indicated in colour

When a plate is combined with DIC observation to project polarised light onto the target, the reflected light undergoes a phase change which causes height differences to appear as changes in colour. This provides the observer with a visual representation of minute irregularities on the target.

Height differences are indicated in colour

Best Resolution in its Class

KEYENCE has combined its knowledge gained from years of experience in the microscope field with its optical technology to give the VH-Z100UR the best resolution in its class. This lens works in conjunction with the VHX CCD to allow microscope imaging to reach its full resolution potential.

Best Resolution in its Class

10x Optical Zoom, Wide Range Magnification from 100x to 1000x

The VH-Z100UR inherits the VH-Z100R's observation distance of 25 mm with 100x to 1000x magnification. It provides high-precision observation in both bright and dark fields across a wide magnification range. It also supports a variety of applications including polarization and differential interference contrast.

10x Optical Zoom, Wide Range Magnification from 100x to 1000x



VH-Z20UR/Z20UW: Universal Zoom Lens Specifications

1. Magnification with a 1/2 inch CCD camera on a 15-inch monitor.
2. With the wide-area illumination attachment equipped.


VH-Z100UR: Universal Zoom Lens Specifications

1. Magnification on a 15-inch monitor
2. When the Triple Illumination Base Unit (OP-87270) and the Adjustable Illumination Adapter (OP-72402) are attached.

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