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VHX-2000 series

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Flexible and highly accurate measurements

Real-time Measurement During Observation [Data Output is Possible]

The system allows users to complete all measurements directly on the screen in real-time with just a few clicks of a mouse. This is significantly easier and faster than systems that require a user to capture images and import them to a PC to then use external software to complete measurements on the sample.

PC board (60×)

PC board (60×)

A Multitude of Measurement Functions

The quantity and variety of measurement tools has been increased to a total of 19, including 16 basic measurements and 3 automatic measurement tools. Also, with the measurement point re-positioning function or measurement-free display function, ease-of-use has been dramatically increased as well.

Auto Edge Selection Function

Read head of hard disk (70×)

Even when the measurement point selected on the image is not perfectly on the edge of the target, the Auto Edge Selection function will automatically re-adjust the measurement point to the correct edge location. This helps to improve the accuracy of measurements and reduce the possibility of human error.

Fusion of a Digital Microscope and a Measuring Microscope


Moving the manual stage allows you to measure a target in sizes of up to 100 mm × 100 mm. Measurements can even be completed over an area that exceeds the field-of-view of the lens being used, allowing you to perform both observation and measurement of a larger target with a single microscope.

Supports Traceability

The X-Y measurement system ensures highly reliable measurements based on a traceability system that complies with international standards.

Measurement software for further improved usability VHX-H1M1

[1] Real-time Screen Display

The XYD measurement results are displayed on the monitor screen in real time.

[2] Various Measurement Modes

Distance, radius, angle and other measurement modes are included.

[3] Wide Image Capture

Once a wide-field image captured under low magnification is registered, the current measurement point is always indicated even after the field-of-view is changed under higher magnification. The measurement point can be easily checked for an entire image.

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