This product can be used stably for a long time at any worksite, which reduces the amount of maintenance work that is required.

High durability


Conventional laser scan type

Enlarged view of the transmitter of the laser scan typeThe driving mechanism decreases durability and requires maintenance. There is also a concern about laser deterioration due to electrical noise.

TM-3000 Series

Enlarged view of the transmitter of the TM 3000 Series Light transmitting lens[ No motorised mechanism ]
A system with no moving parts provides higher durability. This eliminates the problem of motor durability which has been a disadvantage of laser scan type micrometers.

[ Ultra long life LED ]
The GaN (Gallium Nitride) LED used as a light source has achieved high reliability without being affected by light source deterioration due to electrical noise.

Principles of the conventional laser scan type





A semiconductor laser beam is applied onto a polygon mirror which is rotated by a motor to scan the measuring range. The time in which the laser beam is interrupted by the target is measured to obtain the dimension of the target.

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