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LS-7000 Series - Variety of Measuring Functions: Applications

Unbeatable Performance in Automation and Sensing Applications.

Measuring the outer diameter

Dual Head mode

This simple, special mode measures large diameter targets or wide sheet materials. Complicated calculations or other settings are unnecessary.

Measuring both the outer diameter and eccentricity of a copy roller simultaneously

One-head simultaneous measurement

One measuring head allows simultaneous measurement using two measurement modes, such as measuring the outer diameter and eccentricity.

Measuring IC lead pitch

Measuring area designation

The measuring area can be designated according to the inspection purpose, such as measurement of the IC lead gap or pitch.

Checking the width or edge position of a glass plate

Transparent object measurement

Even transparent objects that were difficult to detect with conventional micrometers can be measured. The edge detection level can be easily changed via the controller.

Measuring the outer diameter of a fibre

Trend display

The LS-7000 Series measures the outer diameter of a fibre continuously and displays not only numeral values but also a trend graph that represents the measured values in a waveform.

Measuring the Width and Camber Angle of a Rubber Sheet

Sheet width and camber angle measurement

The positions of edges are accurately measured and output as feedback data. This prevents producing defective products caused by improper edge position while the rubber sheet is wound or transferred.

Measuring the Width of Tape on Two Production Lines Simultaneously

Simultaneous tape width measurement

Both the width and waving of tape can be measured. High-speed sampling enables direct measurement of the entire length of tape.