Image Dimension Measuring System

IM-6000 series

  • Easy Data Management

Easy Data Management

Automatic calculation of major statistical values. Group extraction is also easy.

Groups can be extracted on various conditions. Critical statistical values required for inspection reports are provided by default.

Critical statistical values required for inspection reports are automatically calculated and displayed, including maximum, minimum, average, σ, 3σ and Cpk. You can also set various conditions for group extraction for statistical, analysis, and inspection records.

Trend graph/histogram functions for on-site analysis of product trends and variations

The trend graph shows tendencies of a product at a quick glance. Histogram settings can be adjusted as required.

The trend graph/histogram function allows on site analysis of production trends and variations. Quick feedback helps quality management prevent production of defective parts.

Data can be used easily in reports or spreadsheet software.

Inspection records and reports can be prepared easily. Measurement data can also be used easily on spreadsheet software.

Inspection records and analysis reports can be prepared with the press of a button. No additional work is required such as data transcription or input to a PC. It is also easy to import measurement data to spreadsheet software for processing.

  • Easy Data Management

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