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          Ultra-Compact Handheld Terminal BT-1000 series

          Batch type



          Select Language




          32bit RISC CPU

          Main memory

          RAM capacity

          32 MB (internal user area: 14 MB)

          Flash ROM capacity

          32 MB (internal user area: 15 MB)


          Display method

          2.2" TFT colour LCD, 65,536 colours

          Number of dots

          240 (W) × 320 (H) (QVGA)

          Displayed character type

          Half-width (alphanumeric and katakana), Full-width (First and second standards of JIS kanji, Simplified Chinese (GB18030-2000), Traditional Chinese (Big5))

          Maximum number of displayable characters

          16-dot fonts

          Half-width characters (magnification): 30 digits × 20 lines / Full-width characters (magnification): 15 digits × 20 lines*1

          24-dot fonts

          Half-width characters (magnification): 20 digits × 13 lines / Full-width characters (magnification): 10 digits × 13 lines*1

          32-dot fonts

          Half-width characters (magnification): 15 digits × 10 lines / Full-width characters (magnification): 7 digits × 10 lines*1


          High-intensity white LED (automatic brightness control according to illumination sensor)

          Operation confirmation LED

          Large-size bar LED (red, green, orange)

          Input keys

          Key types

          Set of arrow keys × 1 (4 directions), trigger keys × 2, function keys × 3, multifunction keys × 2 (L, R), data input keys × 14 (0 to 9 keys, ENT key, clear key, minus key, decimal point key), power key × 1


          LED (orange)


          Light source

          Visible semiconductor laser (655 nm), output: 1.0 mW
          Class 2 laser product (JIS C6802)

          Reading light source

          Pointer light source

          Scanning rate

          100 scans/second

          Minimum resolution

          0.127 mm
          When equipped with contact reading attachment (OP-84461): 0.19 mm

          Reading distance

          55 to 536 mm (narrow bar width: 1.0 mm)
          35 to 215 mm (narrow bar width: 0.25 mm)

          Scanner area


          0.45 or more (Space reflectance: 70% or more)


          Supported barcodes, supported codes

          JAN/EAN/UPC (add-on code support), CODE128, GS1-128 (EAN-128), CODE39, NW-7, CODE93, ITF, Industrial 2of5, COOP 2of5, GS1-DataBar (RSS-14, RSS-14 Truncated, RSS-14 Stacked (Omnidirectional), RSS Limited, RSS Expanded, RSS Expanded Stacked)

          Optical communication interface


          Conforms to the physical layer of IrDA ver. 1.2

          Communication speed

          9600/19200/38400/57600/115200 bps

          Serial communication interface


          RS-232C-compliant (connected to PC with dedicated cable)

          Communication speed

          9600/19200/38400/57600/115200 bps

          USB interface


          USB 2.0 Full Speed (virtual COM)

          Connector type

          USB Mini-B

          Communication speed

          9600/19200/38400/57600/115200/230400/921600 bps

          Communication unit connection interface



          Communication speed

          921,600 bps max. (depends on communication unit classification)

          Wireless LAN

          Wireless standards

          Radio frequency

          Communication distance

          Security methods


          Wireless standards

          Radio frequency

          Supported profiles

          Communication distance

          External media

          Supported media

          microSD or SDHC card

          Supported capacity

          32 GB max.


          Scale: 16 levels, Volume: 3 levels

          Vibration function



          Automatic calendar (year, month, day, hour, minute, second; up to year 2079), accurate within 80 seconds per month (normal temperature)

          Power supply

          With standard rechargeable battery pack (BT-B10)

          Dedicated lithium ion battery pack (3.7 V, 1100 mAh)
          Continuous usage time: Approx. 50 hours*2, Cycle life: Approx. 500 cycles

          With high-capacity rechargeable battery pack (BT-B12)

          Dedicated lithium ion battery pack (3.7 V, 1880 mAh)
          Continuous usage time: Approx. 85 hours*2, Cycle life: Approx. 500 cycles

          With dry cell battery pack (BT-B15)

          AAA battery × 3 (alkaline battery, rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery)
          Continuous usage time: Approx. 40 hours with alkaline batteries*2 / Approx. 30 hours with rechargeable nickelmetal hydride batteries*2

          Backup battery

          Built-in lithium secondary battery, Backup time: Approx. 1 hour

          Environmental resistance

          Enclosure rating

          IP54 (JIS water-resistant)

          Ambient temperature

          When using BT-B10/B12: -20 to +50 °C (No freezing), when charging: 0 to +40 °C
          When using BT-B15: 0 to +50 °C (No freezing)

          Storage temperature

          -20 to +60 °C

          Relative humidity

          35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)

          Storage relative humidity

          Drop resistance

          2.0 m (onto concrete), With protector (OP-84462): 2.5 m (onto concrete)*3


          VCCI Class A


          With standard rechargeable battery pack attached: 159 × 50.5 (46.4) × 30.3 (25) mm
          With high-capacity rechargeable battery pack attached: 159 × 50.5 (46.4) × 30.3 (30) mm
          With dry cell battery pack attached: 159 × 50.5 (46.4) × 30.3 (30) mm
          (The value in parenthesis is the grip dimension.)


          With standard rechargeable battery pack attached: Approx. 183 g
          With high-capacity rechargeable battery pack attached: Approx. 200 g
          With dry cell battery pack attached: Approx. 201 g

          *1 The number of displayable characters is the maximum value when the status display is not visible. If the status display is shown, the number of vertically displayed characters with a 16-dot font is 2 lines or 1 line with a 24- or 32-dot font.
          *2 This is the continuous usage time when barcode reading is performed 2 times every 10 seconds at normal temperatures with the operation confirmation LED and vibration function turned off, the buzzer turned on (at a low volume), the backlight turned on (at low brightness), and the operation speed set to standard.
          *3 This is a test value and is not guaranteed.

          • BT Series Software / User Support

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