Positioning/motion control system KV-X MOTION

High-speed performance

Uses our fastest processor and our proprietary algorithm

Motion control period 125 μs/5 axes [FASTEST IN ITS CLASS]

Equipped with a 1 GHz Dual core SoC for highspeed processing. Thanks to the high-speed MECHATROLINK-III and the KV VELOCE X3, an ASIC dedicated to high-speed ladder execution, high-speed, high-accuracy motion control is now possible.

Co-existence of improved responsiveness and reduced load on the CPU. Fully autonomous control [INDUSTRY FIRST]

Units are able to execute programs autonomously, allowing for highly responsive motor control. Furthermore, processing can be decentralised, allowing CPU load to become lighter for stable systemcontrol.
* When using a unit program


Selectable from ladder, flow, and C language

Efficient programming through pick-and-choose selections

Programs essential for positioning control, such as positioning start and origin return programs, can be automatically created using drag-and-drop. In addition, with various unit-specific commands available, programming can be done efficiently without manuals.

Intuitive programming due to flow execution

Intuitively configure such operations as continuous operations and conditional branching using flow-based programming. This allows for reduced man-hours spent programming and debugging. In addition, because flow executions are performed inside the unit, control is not affected by scan time, allowing for high-speed control.

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