Programmable Controller KV-7000 series

Bringing a new sense of speed and storage to PLCs

KV-7000 series - Programmable Controller

Exceptional speed and storage that exceed expectations for PLCs

Program-less communication with sensors and remote I/O

The release of an EtherNet/IP🄬 compatible remote I/O unit.
Connect all the devices within a production site over Ethernet.

  • Remote I/O systems
  • Industrial robot
  • New and old PLCs
  • KEYENCE sensors

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The ONE PLC bringing a whole new concept of speed & storage

Introducing a new world of applications triggered by outstanding response

Fully ladder-less networking KV-X COM

Connect seamlessly to FA devices and PLCs.

Programless PLC networking
Support of 4 Major Networks

Positioning/motion control system KV-X MOTION

From positioning with limited axes to multiple-axis synchronisation control, customer requests are varied. The KV-X MOTION is designed to be a system capable of meeting a wide range of requirements.