AC Servo Systems

SV series

High Performance

Feedback speed, torque, rotation speed, and resolution are all best in the class

Achieves 1.6 kHz* Response Frequency

[3.2 times faster]Feedback frequency 1600 Hz

Combined with the motor, the speed of the servo amplifire has been increased to a response time of 1600 Hz, 3.2x faster than conventional models. Response has been heightened through positioning and speed commands, enabling to shorten the completion time.
* SV-020□□, SV-M020□□configuration, typical values when JM=JL

Stabilization time 0 to 4 ms

Industry Top Level Positioning Accuracy

[8 times faster]20 bit (1,048,576 resolution)

Encoder resolution is improved 8 times more than the conventional level, with 20bit high accuracy. Positioning accuracy is greatly improved, enabling stable operation in low speed ranges.

9.5 nm resolution

A lineup of middle inertia/intermediate capacity motors that demonstrate both high speed and high torque

A lineup of intermediate capacity motors with a rated revolution speed of 1500 r/min and a maximum revolution speed of 3000 r/min. Demonstrates both high-speed and hightorque, which are necessary for the intermediate capacity range, making it easy to make selections when designing.
* Specifications for the SV-M100A□ to SV-M500A□.

Setting changes and monitoring are possible without tools! Built-in hyper access window

Includes a built-in display function that can be useful in a variety of scenes including test runs and parameter changes during set-up, tuning, monitoring, and alarm confirmation. The display (English) makes it possible to perform operation even without a manual.

Possible to arrange the causes of trouble! Built-in LED that lights up during command input

When pulse command input or MECHATROLINK-II commands have been accepted, the built-in LED will light up. Can greatly reduce time attributed to defect areas when trouble occurs.

Possible to arrange the causes of trouble! Built-in LED that lights up during command input

Can use general-purpose cables! Built-in standard B-type USB port


Built-in with a USB port that can be used with ease, at highspeeds, and is most typically use with PCs. Also, standard B-type connector shapes are used, making it possible to use the most generic cables. Can share KEYENCE PLC or touch panel cables.

Easily brings out motor performance! Built-in with 3 tuning modes

From "Auto tuning", which allows you to run the motor without the need for adjustment, to "Gain tuning PRO" which allows you to easy performing tuning that reaches a level allowing you to makes adjustments like a fulltime manufacturing professional, three tuning modes have been prepared. With a tuning function that meets your needs, it is possible to greatly reduce set-up time.

Available in increment and absolute version

The motor can be selected from the increment type and absolute type. The absolute type is equipped with an absolute position detection system* that does not need the equipment to return to the base point at equipment start-up.
*The absolute position detection system requires a lithium battery with separate battery box.
*SV-M100A – SV-M500A are only available in the absolute type.

Compliance with Safety standards and RoHS Directive

All products comply with UL standard, EN standard and RoHS Directive.

All models can be shipped on the day of order.

Same-day shipping

All models including servomotors and servo amplifiers are shipped on the day of order. So you don't have to wait for days before receiving your products.

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