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Trade Show

Trade Show

Asia Pacific
Date Region City Show Title Booth
Jun.29, 2021- Jul.02, 2021 China ShenZhen 3-H336
Jun.30, 2021- Jul.02, 2021 China Shanghai W1 Hall, 1A57
Jul.07, 2021- Jul.09, 2021 Korea Ilsan TBA
Jul.07, 2021- Jul.10, 2021 China Shanghai E1-J10
Jul.14, 2021- Jul.16, 2021 China Shanghai E7411
Jul.18, 2021- Jul.22, 2021 China Qingdao B3-D37
Jul.21, 2021- Jul.22, 2021 China Beijing B12
Jul.28, 2021- Jul.30, 2021 Korea Seoul TBA
Jul.28, 2021- Jul.30, 2021 China ShenZhen Hall 1, 1B037
Aug.16, 2021- Aug.18, 2021 China Guangzhou H2, B220
Aug.23, 2021- Aug.25, 2021 China ShenZhen Hall 1, H355
Sep.14, 2021- Sep.18, 2021 China Shanghai TBA
Sep.15, 2021- Sep.18, 2021 Thailand Bangkok AW29
Sep.22, 2021- Sep.25, 2021 Thailand Bangkok M12
Date Region City Show Title Booth
Aug.10, 2021- Aug.12, 2021 United States Anaheim TBA
Sep.09, 2021- Sep.11, 2021 United States Denver TBA
Sep.27, 2021- Sep.29, 2021 United States Las Vegas TBA
Date Region City Show Title Booth

Technical E-news

Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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