Examples of countermeasures for clogging, sticking and splashing

Preventing plastic parts from adhering to moulds

Moulded parts generate static electricity very easily, which can cause them to stick to the mould until they fall off later. This problem increases the cost in terms of time and money spent disposing of the defective parts and removing them from the mould. An ionizer can eliminate this problem.

Preventing problems with offset printers

Offset printers generate strong electrostatic charges that lead to problems such as double sheet feeding, sheets sticking to the feed tray or impression cylinder, ink splashes, uneven powder dispersion, jammed or misaligned paper in the output, and disruptions in the rest of the process. An ionizer can eliminate these problems.

Preventing double sheet feeding and displaced stacks during collection

Electrostatic charge can cause problems such as double sheet feeding, paper jams and misaligned sheets. Sheets cannot be collected when these problems occur, so countermeasures are necessary. An ionizer provides precise countermeasures and reduces operating costs.

Preventing defects on blister packs

A strong electrostatic charge on the blister packaging film can result in foreign particles adhering to it and cause the contents of the packaging to be misplaced or cracked. An ionizer can reduce these errors.

Preventing jamming during transport of lids

Static electricity can cause the lids to jam on the conveyor belt. An ionizer can eliminate this problem.

Eliminating static charge during roll-to-roll loading

Very strong electrostatic charges occur during roll-to-roll loading. This static electricity can potentially cause problems including inability to pull off the wrapping film, staff feeling pain, sparks occurring during unwinding, or foreign particles getting stuck during wrapping. The latest ionizers from KEYENCE can eliminate these problems.