KEYENCE is committed to supporting and accelerating innovation in manufacturing, which can change the world and our future.

KEYENCE products play a key role in factory automation by increasing productivity, improving quality, and decreasing cost in the field of manufacturing. No matter how the world changes, manufacturing will never end. As long as people need products, products will always be produced. Which means, there will always be a market where we can provide the value of KEYENCE.

KEYENCE products are used by 300,000 clients in nearly every industry, including automotive and logistics, electronic and IT devices, information communication, iron and steel, entertainment, food and medical, and even space exploration. This means that our business activities are not easily influenced by changes in one market or by the business performance of a single major customer, which ensures the sustainability of our business.

We develop, create, and sell innovative products that are necessary for manufacturing, from sensors used in factory automation to automatic control devices, measurement devices, digital microscopes, 3D printers, and other products which can create added value by providing solutions for manufacturing problems across industries.

What's Our Role

Examples of our business solutions

  • Automobile Industry

  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Smartphone Industry

  • Logistics Industry

  • Renewable Energy Industry

  • Food & Beverage Industry

  • Entertainment Industry

  • Agriculture Industry