Global Headquarters Osaka, Japan
Founded May 1974
Capital 205,621,000 USD
2023 Global Sales 6,491,866,000 USD
Worldwide Employees 12,286
Note Dollar amounts are translated from Japanese yen,
for convenience only, at ¥149 = 1 USD,
the approximate exchange rate on March 19, 2024.


1974 Incorporated as Lead Electric Co., Ltd.
1975 Invented high-accuracy proximity sensor
1983 Developed optical fiber photoelectric sensor
1986 Designed the first photoelectric sensor to utilize a laser diode as the light source
1989 Invented ultra-compact barcode reader
1990 Developed microscope with built-in monitor
1995 Released world's smallest machine vision system
1999 Produced world's first auto-focus color laser microscope
2000 Invented world's first digital focus on a microscope
2002 Invented high-speed/high-accuracy machine vision system
2004 Created industry's fastest application PLC
2005 Developed the next generation's 3D real-surface digital microscope
2006 Released world's first 3D laser marker
2007 Industrialized world's first CMOS laser sensor
Developed 54 Megapixel digital microscope with world's fastest real-time depth composition and 3D analysis
2008 Produced industry's first microscope with high-speed magnified video capture capabilities
2009 Designed high-power fiber laser marker with the world's smallest head size
Created world's first ø2 mm (ø0.08") micro-head spectral-interference laser displacement meter
Released new, high-speed, accurate image dimension measurement system
2010 Developed ultra high-speed, high-capacity multi camera image processing system
2011 Invented rapid set-up vision sensor
2012 Developed auto-teaching machine vision system
2013 Developed world's fastest 2D/3D laser scanner with 64,000 profiles/sec sampling
2014 Created a revolutionary all-in-one intuitive machine vision system that fuses high-speed cameras, intelligent lighting, and a powerful algorithm (LumiTrax™)
2015 Developed industry's first clamp-on liquid flow sensor which monitors flow from outside of a pipe
2016 Released a new generation of the Image Dimension Measurement System that measures all part dimensions at the push of button
2017 Developed a new generation of 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope, measuring across 50 mm with nanometer resolution