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Optical Micrometer / Digital Micrometer

TM-3000 Series

LS-7000 Series

IG Series

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Discontinued Series:

High Precision Measurement (Thrubeam Distance Sensors)

TM-3000 series - High-speed 2D Optical Micrometer

Performs in line 2D dimensional measurements with high speed and precision.

LS-7000 series - High-speed, High-accuracy Digital Micrometer

Breakthrough technology intelligent optical micrometer with 0.01-micron high resolution, 2400 samples/second high speed.

LS-3000 series - Laser scan micrometer

Laser-scanning Outer Diameter Measurement Device that can measure large diameter

Discontinued Series

LS-5000 series - High-speed Laser Scan Micrometer

High-speed laser scan micrometer operates with up to 4 sets of sensor heads and a single controller. Provides sub micron measurements at production line speeds.

Thrubeam Distance Sensors

IG series - Multi-Purpose CCD Laser Micrometer

The intelligent I-Series consists of a high-accuracy sensor lineup that offers high cost-performance with the most advanced functions for on-site operations.

IB series - Laser Thrubeam Sensor

The intelligent I-Series consists of a high-accuracy sensor lineup that realises low-cost high performance with only the most advanced functions for on-site operations.

Discontinued Series

VG series - CCD Laser Micrometer

Replaced by IG series

(Discontinued) A CCD laser micrometer with a visible, semiconductor laser beam and a 5000-element CCD array, provides 5-µm resolution for today's high-speed production lines.

LX2 series - Digital Display Compact Laser Thrubeam Sensor

Replaced by IG series

A low cost laser thrubeam sensor, which uses a parallel laser beam with a 5-µm resolution at distances of up to 300mm.

LX series - Laser Photoelectric sensors

Replaced by IG series

Self-Contained Laser Sensor

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