3-Axis Hybrid Laser Marker MD-X Series

Automatic Correction of Focus and Position NEW 3-Axis Hybrid Laser Marker MD-X Series

Full-Field Auto-Focus

Autofocus Anywhere

Mark in-focus on any part, anywhere.
The MD-X laser marker comes standard-equipped with a built-in distance sensor that enables automatic focal corrections. Eliminate manual height adjustments due to part variations in a few simple steps.

Built-In Vision

Mark the same location on any part, anywhere.
The MD-X Series contains a camera inside the laser marking head which can automatically identify a target’s shape. The laser marker can then adjust for X, Y and theta offsets to ensure the marking position is always correct.
The marking system is even able to distinguish between parts and mark each part accordingly.

Data-Driven Analytics

Automatic fault protection and monitoring from anywhere.
The new MD-X uses predictive maintenance to eliminate problems before they occur. In the unlikely event of a marking defect, the laser marker features a wide range of diagnostic tools to identify the root cause and deploy countermeasures.

Mark Both Resins and Metals with a Single Laser Marking Machine

Metal Marking

White + Black Oxidation Aluminium Castings
Damage-Free Marking Carbide Tools
Thin-film Processing Metal-Plated Connectors

Resin Marking

Contrast Marking Resin Cases
Damage-Free Marking Electronic Components
Coating Removal Automotive Panel Switches

The New Standard for Laser Marking

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