Laser Marking/Laser Processing Evaluation Service

Evaluation and feasibility study of various kinds of laser marking applications for your implementation assessment.


Evaluation Support as a Whole, Not Only a Segment of Laser Processing Station

"At KEYENCE, we provide complete evaluation report"

一 Commonly, laser marking or processing results consist only a fragment of information.
To implement a laser process, various evaluations like readability, quality, and envionment are required. Our laser lab service aims to provide a comprehensive evaluation result as a whole, by generating and consolidating each evaluation result thoroughly.

Evaluate Alongside with Our Technical Specialists

"Pursue the evaluation results which are usable in actual environment"

We believe the value comes from a realistic evaluation for actual environment, not only from theoretical assessment.
We process evaluations by considering practical usage and its potential risks based on our collective knowledge in automation industries. As there are risks of unforeseen circumstances during theoretical evaluation - it may affect users to select incorrect type of lasers. At KEYENCE, we provide laser testings, done with careful simulated environment of customer preference, with all the necessary equipment and with experienced engineers, to pursue the evaluation that our customers truly need.

Choose the Right Model of Laser!

At KEYENCE, we have wide range of high-powered lasers, each with distinctive wavelengths and power output.
Our lasers are customisable and their configurations are based on necessity of production lines.

3-AXIS Hybrid Laser Marker

3-AXIS CO2 Laser Marker

Simulating Pragmatic Production Line in Our Lab

We will simulate the closest condition of the production line, such as line speed, transfer pitch, and et cetra.
The results would be more realistic - and concerns will be advised by our technical specialists and engineers.

Slider: Continuous Marking. Test with the same condition as customer's production line, such as line speed, pitch between products, and etc.
Film Transfer Machine: Continuous Marking on the Fly. Possible to evaluate maximum speed not only with theoretical analysis, but with actual simulation.

Laser Marking Quality Evaluation/Validation

We will conduct necessary evaluation and validation on the spot, according to customer's need.
We achieve the quality standards within constraints, by testing and checking simultaneously.
All the checks are done with KEYENCE's latest equipment, so we can provide satisfying evaluation and validation experience.

2D Code Readability Check

Engraving/Depth Check

Laser Line Interval and Pitch Measurement

KEYENCE Laser Marking/Processing Evaluation Done Physically and Virtually

Zoom and Teams virtual meet/discussion avialable now.

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