New Product Announcement

On sale as of December 2014

Highly accurate 3D and roughness measurements make differences clear

  • 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
  • VK-X250/150/120

It's clear that the appearance is different,
but just in what way?

New feature

Visualise surface differences with new tools

  • Good product Ra: 1.8Good product Ra: 1.8
  • Defective product Ra: 1.8Defective product Ra: 1.8

The appearance and the feel to the touch of the products are different, but it is difficult to judge just what roughness parameters need to be used in the evaluation.

42 roughness parameters are automatically analysed, and the differing parameters are detected.
The scale of the difference is indicated by the number of stars.

Easy operation ・ HIGH RESOLUTION ・

It is now possible to measure samples having a wide variety of shapes and materials. Highly precise and stable measurements can be performed in the order of nanometers.
What's more, high-resolution observations can even be performed in atmosphere.

  • Steeply sloping sampleSteeply sloping sample
  • High-performance filmHigh-performance film

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