In-line 2D+3D Inspection for the Automotive Industry Machine Vision System with Pattern Projection Lighting

2D Imaging


Minimise contrast issues caused by highly reflective metallic surfaces and interference caused by ambient light.

3D Imaging

Pattern Projection Lighting

Height information is used to make traditional 2D inspections more stable.

Demand for stable and adaptive automation solutions for the automotive industry is steadily increasing.
Image sensors are used in a variety process applications such as quality control, identification, and automated material handling by robots. For issues that cannot be solved by conventional lighting alone, we introduce "Pattern Projection Lighting" with KEYENCE's unique, industry-leading algorithms.

Torque converter assembly
[3D image] Spring Assembly / Clip inspection
ECU glue and sealing bead inspection
[3D image] Bead gap
Electrical component assembly
[3D image] Screw height / incorrect seating of components / the presence or absence of protruding flaws

Please check out the latest brochure for various automotive industry use cases and how pattern-projection technology provides the best imaging solutions.

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