Which Type are you using ? A Survey on
Vision Sensor & Vision System

In this South-East Asia region, an increasing number of companies are in need of vision inspection equipment, to save labor cost and achieve 100% accurate inspection.
Today, we would like to know your current usage of such equipment by the model name of the vision device.

200 participants stand a chance to win a
4 In 1 Audio Multi Tool!

* Includes Audio, Phone Holder, Cable Wrapper and Screen Cleaner

  • Vision Sensor

    In other words, Low cost vision, Vision Sensor, etc.
    Mainly used for simple applications like checking of defects, presence / absence.
    Many types are equipped with built-in light, and without a bulky controller.

  • Vision System

    From standard to high end level, meeting various kind of requirement.
    Normally it comes with a controller or PC to manage the parameters and settings, lens are also changeable most of the time.

Thank you for taking your time to participate in our survey. Your inputs will be very valuable to us to improve our services for you and we truly appreciate your responses. We will draw the 200 winners among the participants after the survey has ended. The whole staff here at KEYENCE wish you all the best for the draw!

Terms & conditions:
- This survey will end on 12th May 2016
- Gift will be mailed to given valid Company Address (please allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery after the end of survey)
- Colour of the gift may vary
- KEYENCE retains the right of final decisions in all matters in relation to the survey.

Q1. Are you using Vision Sensors / Vision Systems in your company ? (required)
Q1-2. I'm the one who (required)
Q1-3. Vision Sensor in the industry has various type of capabilities. We'd like to know which model you are most frequently using (Please tick all applicable) (required)

Low-Cost, Entry model

Standard, Flagship, High-end model

PC-based Vision System

Q1-4. How much do you spend for 1 set of Vision device normally ? (required)
Q1-5. How many Vision device did you purchase in last year by yourself ? (required)
Q1-6. How many Vision device did your entire company purchase in last year ? (required)
Q1-7. What type of application is applicable to your use of vision sensors? (Tick all applicable) (required)
Q1-8. Are you planning to purchase Vision device ? (required)
Q2-2. Have you got any experiences that the detections by general purpose sensors are not stable? (required)
Q2-3. Due to the pinpoint detection of general sensors, have you got any experiences that you used several sensors to detect different positions of same target. (required)
Q2-4. Does your company manufacture the products which have a lot of varieties? (required)
Q2-5. In your company, there are some manufacturing process of simple visual inspections by operators? (required)
Q2-6. In your company, are there any possibilities to solve applications by using simple outline or color detections? (required)
Q2-7. Are you interested in Vision Sensors which can work stably with reasonable price? Vision Sensor can solve the applications which general seonsors cannot detect stably, due to its area detection with several tools. (required)

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