Highly popular! On-Site Static Electricity Diagnosis Service [Free]

Is static electricity or your static eliminator causing you trouble?

Damage caused by static electricity discharge, Foreign particle adhesion, Worker discomfort, Target clumping/sticking, Currently unknown static eliminator capacity, Unclear optimum static eliminator installation location

Problems Caused by Static Electricity at a Manufacturing Site / Static electricity at a manufacturing site can cause a variety of problems, from reduced quality to increased disposal costs.

[Discomfort to workers] due to discharge / [Clogging/scattering] with powder-like fillings / [Electrostatic discharge failure] at chip pickup / [Foreign particle adhesion] on film

For customers with these or similar problems, KEYENCE’s On-Site Static Electricity Diagnosis Service can help!

[KEYENCE On-Site Static Electricity Diagnosis] Staff armed with expert knowledge will visit your establishment and perform diagnosis for free. / Identification of locations generating static electricity, Measurement of static eliminator capabilities, Proposal of optimal countermeasures to suit the location [Easily measure ionizer static elimination capability!]

Service Overview

[Application]Application is simple! Just fill out the form below to submit an inquiry. / [Appointment Confirmation]A static electricity countermeasure specialist will contact directly. / [Visit]The static electricity countermeasure specialist will visit with static electricity measurement devices and static eliminators. / [On-Site Diagnosis]The specialist will check on-site for locations generating static electricity and for the effectiveness of static eliminators. / [Results Analysis]The specialist will suggest the best locations for static eliminators and relevant countermeasures.

If you are interested in the service, please apply using the form below. / *A sales representative will contact you for detailed information on scheduling and the like.

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